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If you are new to the world of poker games and you want to play recklessly but you don't want to look too "green" then perhaps you should learn some poker games terminology. You don't have to learn how to speak a new language to look like a pro because just learning a few terms can make some people scare you!

Some of the most common terms like trip, quads or monocular ole are quite obvious to refer to three monocular, four monocular and the infamous monocular jack. When you're looking to impress some inquisitive poker players, it can be helpful to learn a few not too common terms.

Take a look at some hands you might have and the exact terminology for drawing a portrait of a big boy on a table. Finally, the last thing you want to say when you see two aces in your hand is, "I have a pair", so let's look at the terminology of the pairs.

AA = these are called "Pocket Rockets".

KK = they're called "Cowboys" or "Elvis Presley's" and sometimes "Penn & Teller"

QQ = commonly referred to as "The Twins", "The Ladies", "The Hilton's" or "The Dirty Duo".

J -J = Jack is sometimes called "Jokers", "Hooks" or "Jerky Joe's".

These valuable cards often have some weird names and it might seem difficult to keep up with some of them but you will soon realize that it is not so bad compared to some of the other cards. For example, look at these kids' slang.

2-2 = "Duck" or "Deuces"

3-3 = "Prom Night" or "Crab"

6-9 = "Top or Bottom", "Delight" and "Big Lick"

KJ = "KoJak"

AJ = "Apple Jacks" or "Apple Fritter"

The terms listed above may help, but only to some extent.


To be seriously effective in a poker game, learn a few other terms to show that you are experienced and you mean business, everyone gets fooled sometimes. fun88 link These terms are often used in context when referring to a level.

What is the flop?

Flop as it is called is actually the first stage of the game involving community cards when the first three cards are placed on the table according to any "Holdem" poker game pattern. There are several ways the word flop is used and if you've watched poker games on television, it can be confusing.

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What does it mean when someone says:

"He's see the flop" = in general this means "he" the player will stay in the game, stay in the pot or ante until "he" sees The first three cards - flop.

"He's floping" = this is a phrase any poker game player would love to hear and it means that the flop cards that are the first three community cards placed in the center of the table will match. well with the player's hole cards that have been dealt directly with "him". The chances of putting together a winning hand of poker are pretty good.

"The post-flop is up" = basically this describes an action like the most common bet. One player has failed to bet; a player waited after he saw the cards failed and means he has not made a blind bet.

"It going down to the river" = river refers to the last hand of a Holdem poker game. The last card placed on the upside-down table is the river.

Learning some of these terms will give you the chance to come to a good poker game, but once you have played it is up to you. Have a great time playing poker games and even more fun learning some new slang terms.

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